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12 Million Jobs Might Be Lost To Automation

By the year 2040, it’s estimated that up to 34% of jobs in Europe could be taken over by technology. This redundancy, according to Forrester’s Future of Jobs Forecast, will primarily impact workers in the food service, retail, and hospitality sectors. Companies will likely prioritize productivity and managing a drop in workers due to an […]

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Most Popular Brands Imitated For Phishing Attempts

Familiar companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon are among Check Point Research’s top list of brands that cybercriminals tend to impersonate most often when it comes to phishing attacks. DHL took the lead as the brand most often used in phishing campaigns and email scams in the Q4 Brand Phishing Report for 2021. The second […]

Cold Kitties Love The Heat From SpaceX’s Starlink

As one Starlink user found out, the warmth from outdoor satellite dishes might be attracting some feline friends this winter. The satellite internet service, which has shipped over 100,000 terminals in 2021 alone, might have a curious problem on their hands. A Twitter user by the name of Aaron Taylor tweeted out a photo of […]


Google Docs “Comments” Feature Is Being Targeted By Hackers

Malicious links are being sent to Outlook users in a recent phishing campaign attempt. The attacks, which were identified last month, have been difficult for victims and email scanners to identify. Researchers from Avanan discovered that Google Docs, Sheets and Slides could be used to spam emails back in October, however there has been no […]

Log4j Updated: How To Ask Your Provider For Remediation

About a week ago, we posted a blog detailing the Apache Log4j vulnerability and the necessity of contacting your software and website vendors regarding what, if anything, has been or needs to be done regarding this issue. If you still have not contacted your vendors, an example email for remediation can be seen below. Bolded […]

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Knowledge of The Basics: Comparing An RFI, RFQ & RFP

What are the differences between a request for information, request for quotation and a request for proposal? Which request is best suited for specific scenarios? Sign up today to receive your educational guide on RFIs, RFQs and RFPs.

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Insider Threat Led To Data Breach At Ubiquiti

Think protecting yourself from external threats is all you need to do to maintain strong cybersecurity? Think again. FBI and DoJ investigators claim an employee from Ubiquiti stole data from the company, then acted as a whistleblower to divert attention away from himself. According to a recently unsealed grand jury indictment, Nicolas Sharp attempted to […]

Who Really Needs To Know You’re Out Of The Office?

Are your automatic email replies putting you at risk? What may seem like a courteous, polite notice to let others know you’re not available could be used against you. Cybercriminals might be looking out for these types of notices, because it gives them a chance to spoof you while you’re gone. There’s also a lot […]

GoDaddy Data Breach Left 1.2 Million Users Vulnerable, Exposed

The web hosting platform’s chief information security officer (CISO) has notified the Securities and Exchange Commission of an unauthorized breach. Systems that host and manage WordPress servers were affected. According to GoDaddy, the unauthorized individual accessed the systems around September 6th using a compromised password, and the company discovered the breach on November 17th. About […]

NYS Hero Act: You Need to Comply– Here’s How

The New York Health and Essential Rights Act (NY HERO Act) mandates new workplace health and safety protections in response to the pandemic. All employers are to implement these workplace safety plans, after COVID-19 was designated as an airborne infectious disease under this act. In conjunction with the NYS Department of Labor (NYS DOL) and […]