Is Your IT Up To Snuff? Important Healthcare Requirements

If you work in health care, ask yourself: do you really know anything about the team who handles your computers and network? Are these people reliable and trustworthy? Does any of the staff have criminal records, or neglect their educational training? If you’re a healthcare organization, you may not be aware of the vetting process […]

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Challenging Times Ahead As Healthcare Cyber Attacks On The Rise

Since November of last year, health care organizations have seen an increase in cyberattacks by a whopping 45%. While attacks have increased by 22% across all industries globally, hospitals and other health-focused groups are the most targeted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Cyber criminals are utilizing DDoS attacks, botnet and remote code execution, as […]

Simple Steps For COVID-19 Testing Process

If you’ve never gotten a coronavirus assessment, or if you get them frequently and are looking for an all-in-one explanation of the procedure, we have compiled a list below to streamline your understanding of what the experience will look like. Per New York State guidelines, the first thing you’ll want to do is take a […]

How To Submit Emails To Your IT For Review

Need to ask your IT Support Team about a potential phishing scam, breach or spam mail? Social engineering tactics are in full force these days, with multiple messages heading towards your email address daily. If you’re unsure whether that incoming e-mail is too good to be true, here are some tips to help you submit […]

Largest Streaming Service Spotify Suffers Third Breach In A Month

E-mail addresses, display names, passwords and dates of birth were among the personal information exposed by the music service after suffering a third data breach since November. Spotify stated that the exposure was due to a software vulnerability that occurred from April until it was rectified mid-November this year. The first incident occurred when threat […]

Devastating Cyber Attack Against U.S. Government Puts You At Risk

Multiple U.S. entities have been hit by a cyberattack suspected to originate from Russia. Sensitive information and confidential federal government data may have been exploited. Federal agencies such as the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, parts of the Pentagon as well as other Fortune 500 companies and major corporations may be compromised due […]

Google Illegally Fires Employees After Spying On Them

According to a complaint by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the tech giant fired two employees after spying on them in the wake of employee protests. The NLRB asserts the company violated US labor laws. Both employees, who were fired in 2019, allege they were fired due to activism. Several other employees were fired […]

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2020 Great Tech Gifts For All Budgets

The holidays are almost upon us. As the end of the year approaches, you’re likely starting to think about holiday plans and gifts for those in your social circle. We’re here to help– in this article, we’ll list a few technology oriented presents that are worth considering for the IT person in your life. **Note […]

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Focus on Protecting Your Assets

As the holidays are quickly approaching, many will take to the internet to purchase gifts for their loved ones this year. Despite being in the midst of a global recession, companies will be trying to make up a decline in sales with clever advertisements and coupons in your e-mail inbox. What you should know is […]

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Think Strong Passwords and 2FA Will Keep You Safe?

As the cybersecurity industry changes, best practices change with it. Microsoft is now warning that creating a strong password might not be enough to deter a hacker from gaining access to your account. There are many ways in which a bad actor can gain access to your information. Passwords can be found and stored from […]