Australia and Japan Sign Security Agreement

In a measure to counteract threats from China, both countries have signed a new pact that covers cybersecurity, military and intelligence safeguards.

This is the first type of agreement that Japan has made with any country other than the U.S, which was initially signed in 2007, and signifies an alignment between both governments. Japan’s Self-Defense Forces will train with the Australian military, in Australia, for the first time.

The Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation upgrades preexisting cooperative ventures, and strengthens both countries’ treaties with the United States that support peace in the Indo-Pacific. Areas of partnership included energy security, nuclear disarmament, and critical mineral resources that benefit relations between the two.

While the first declaration was signed in 2007, China’s defense budget has quadrupled from then to now. Increasing aircraft interceptions may have a role in Japan’s decision to strengthen it’s bond with Australia at this time. In 2006, there were 22 interceptions of Chinese military aircrafts in Japan’s airspace, compared to 722 interceptions as of last year.

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