Steve Sinclair, the senior vice president of product and marketing at a Silicon Valley startup called Mojo Vision, is excited about the technology his company is developing. And he’s betting you’ll be excited, too — so excited that you’ll forget all about the fact that using it requires you to press two tiny screens up against your eyeballs.

If what Mojo has planned works, sticking a piece of tech directly onto your eyes every day will be as minor a drawback as your smartphone making your pocket a few ounces heavier.

Mojo Vision, as you might have guessed, makes smart augmented reality contact lenses. Or, rather, it will make smart augmented reality contact lenses when it’s ready to ship a product. For now, it’s still developing the technology and raising money. Lots and lots of money. In early May, it announced that it had raised an extra $51 million to build its inaugural product, the Mojo Lens. This is on top of the (at least) $108 million it has already raised, bringing its total cash haul to nearly $160 million.

“Mojo Lens is a smart contact lens with a built-in display that gives you timely information without interrupting your focus,” Sinclair explains. “It’s all about elevating your vision by providing information exactly when you need it, all the while letting you look like yourself.”

This last part is one of the biggest reasons people are excited about Mojo Lens’ vision of augmented reality (AR), which seeks to expand our perception of the physical world by adding layers of digital information on top of it.

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