Another Day, Another Security Flaw.. This Time For Android

Earlier this month, Google Chrome experienced a zero-day vulnerability, which included 47 total security updates. Now, it’s Android’s turn.

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A zero day attack is a type of vulnerability that occurs when a software vendor doesn’t have a patch available for a known issue. The term “zero day” means developers have “zero days” to come up with a solution to the problem. The software may have already been exploited by this point.

If you’re using android devices with Qualcomm chipsets, you should know that the graphics component can be exploited and trigger memory corruption. This cyber threat comes from an “improper input validation”, where an app can request access to large amounts of memory and compromise your smartphone. The vector for exploitation is local, meaning a malicious entity has to either have access to your device, or utilize another method, such as a watering hole attack.

The tech giant has yet to release any information about potential victims or identity of an attacker.

Making sure your computers, phones, and any other gadgets you use have updated software programs means you’ll run less risk of encountering a cybersecurity issue like the one mentioned above. Remember to change your passwords regularly, use multi-factor authentication, and stay cyber safe.

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