Amazon Laying Off 10,000 Workers, Slow Growth Period

Job cuts to the tech company will fall on Amazon’s retail operations, human resources, and the department that makes Echo and Alexa.

While these massive layoff numbers are not set in stone, the process of losing employees will be ongoing as individual divisions decide who is leaving. Amazon has yet to publicly comment on the news that will likely affect its corporate and technology workforce.

If the cuts are anywhere near the number projected, then it’ll be the largest layoff in the history of the company. Globally, the company employs 1.54 million people, although in the instance warehouse workers will not be affected.

A slower growth period for the company may be due to inflation, increased fuel prices and increasing energy costs. Just recently, Amazon mentioned to employees that it would freeze corporate hiring over the next few months.

Other companies with similar layoff plans include Twitter, Meta, Lyft and Stripe.

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