The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals, Inc. (AIHCP)., offers a comprehensive service of “approval” for various types of continuing education programs and offerings in professional healthcare education. The AIHCP’s division, the Center for Continuing Professional Education, sponsors this professional service. Applicants submit a detailed proposal and completed application according to quality standards as developed by the AIHCP. Programs which meet the defined standards are then granted “approval” by the AIHCP and its Center for Continuing Professional Education.  This approval grants students who take approved courses the ability to use them for re-certification within AIHCP.  The approval is also an excellent endorsement of one’s program for advertising purposes.

Program providers are required to print an approval statement as defined by the AIHCP on each participant’s certificate of completion/attendance. All program approvals are for a five year period. Our Mission is focused on the development and delivery of high quality continuing education courses and programs for health care professionals!

Please note that CE Course and CE program approvals are a testament by the AIHCP that the course/program meets our high quality standards for the offering of a CE Course/Program. These courses/program have undergone a rigorous review according to our established standards for course/program development and delivery.  All courses/programs that are approved by the AIHCP are approved for our certified members to use for their Recertification CE requirements.

Participants who are attending any programs that offer courses or programs that are approved by the AIHCP should check with their licensing Boards and other Certification Boards to ascertain if the AIHCP approved course or program will be accepted for re-licensure CE credits or other recertifications by other Certification organizations.

This process does not mean any of your CE courses have the same State Board Approvals as AIHCP. The AIHCP is NOT an accredited or approving board. If you are seeking State Board Approvals you would need to contact your state boards. Again to clarify, AIHCP’s approval is an endorsement for any AIHCP certified members who may take your courses to receive re-certification hours with AIHCP. The AIHCP approval is none the less a valuable and effective endorsement from a reputable organization that can help market your courses to other professionals.  If you have any questions regarding this, do not hesitate to contact us.

The American Institute of Healthcare Professionals, Inc., through its division, The Center for Continuing Professional Education, provides an approval process for the following types of continuing education programs and offerings:

  • Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Staff Inservice/education
  • Video learning programs and online Webinars
  • Skills workshops
  • Distance education programs and courses
  • On-line educational programs and courses
  • Self-study programs and courses
  • Mentorships
  • Preceptorships
  • Audio cassette learning programs and courses
  • Educational retreats
  • Symposiums
  • University/College based courses
  • Continuing Education programs offered by Universities/Colleges

For more information on how to submit an application, check out the AIHCP website listed here.


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