Ad Company Wants To Introduce New Lock Screens

A Google-affiliated company known as Glace might soon be coming to the United States. The platform showcases media, news and games straight to your phone’s lock screen.

While iOS users will be able to use Apple’s customizable lock screen in the next update, Android users might have to deal with Glance’s monetized platform. The company is currently big in India and other Asian markets, having been loaded onto over 400 million smartphones.

According to TechCrunch, Glace might be launching in the U.S. sooner than you think, potentially within the next two months. The advertising company is going straight to US carriers rather than cellphone manufacturers like they’ve done in other markets. Notifications and suggestions might prompt you to interact with the service, however you’ll have to manually change back to your old wallpaper afterwards.

Glance’s interface takes over your home screen with an infinite amount of content to swipe through, and is personalized depending on how users interact with the platform. While there’s no word yet on what the feed will look like in the US markets, Glance will likely ask advertisers for higher prices due to the higher spending power Americans have over other countries.

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