About Us

Who We Are

SkyPort IT is an industry-leading Managed Security Service Provider that has been helping companies stay secure and up-to-date with technology trends for over 35 years in the Western New York area.

We’ve been securing businesses like yours since 1986.

What We Value

Our mission is to provide high quality security solutions tailored specifically for each organization’s individual needs while also activating innovative approaches to ensure success and satisfaction for every client we serve.

Our vision is a world where businesses can confidently trust their digital infrastructure and focus more time on growth opportunities instead of dealing with potential threat due to lack of proactive security measures.

Managed Services

MSSPs provide businesses with a team of experts who specialize in cybersecurity and IT maintenance, and can proactively monitor and manage network infrastructure, hardware, software and user-supported services.

Tech Support

Support is provided by credentialed and certified staff. With unlimited remote tech support, customers can get help with a wide range of technical issues, including software installation, network configuration, hardware troubleshooting and more.

Data Security

By implementing multi-layer and multi-level security measures and disaster recovery and business continuity planning, businesses  can minimize the risk of data breaches, ensure data privacy and security, and minimize downtime during an unexpected disruption.

Breach Prevention

Breach prevention is crucial for businesses to avoid financial loss, data exposure, and reputational damage. Compliance, training and proper policies and procedures help ensure that sensitive data is protected.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Rated Top 10 in 2019

We deeply value each and every client across diverse industries, providing them with top-tier service tailored to their specific needs. However, our epertise shines particularly bright in the medical sector. Our understanding of HIPAA and the unique challenges and requirements of the healthcare industry enabled us to receive a Top 10 Healthcare Service Provider rating in 2019, as awarded by Healthcare Tech Outlook.

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