7 Simple Steps To Reduce Your Cyber Supply Chain Risk

A supply chain attack is when a threat actor goes after an organization’s external vendors and suppliers. These types of attacks can result in huge losses for a business, including a damaged reputation and financial losses.

Cyber supply chain risk management strategies include assessing vendor security, ensuring their products meet security standards, and having layers of protection in place to mitigate cyberattacks. It’s imperative that business owners and employees alike understand how to manage supply chain risks. Implementing best practices can help you prevent an issue from occurring.


Create a comprehensive cyber defense strategy

Taking preventative measures into your own hands is a surefire way to stay ahead of the game. You’ll need to focus on identifying and assessing vulnerabilities, as well as implementing security measures and contingency plans in the event of a data breach.

Conduct ongoing security awareness training

Proper education will save your employees from making critical mistakes. Employees are the first line of defense in the cybersecurity world, so having knowledgeable individuals at the forefront will help avoid potential threats. Regular and continuous training is important.

Implementing access control

An access control gateway will allow verified individuals to access business data, which will minimize your risk. Authentication and authorization are crucial to having a robust access control strategy.

Continuous monitoring

By monitoring and reviewing activities within your supply chain, you’ll be able to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities before they’re exploited by an outsider. Sensors, tracking systems and real-time data analytics will address any inefficiencies in your supply chain, and will help improve efficiency as well as cost savings.

Installing security patches

With all systems and devices updated, you won’t have to worry about known vulnerabilities and threats. Through prompt installation of security patches, you can reduce the risk of exploitation.

Developing an incident response strategy plan

This plan of action outlines how to handle the unexpected, including a supply chain attack. Your organization will be able to respond effectively to any cybersecurity issues that arise. Strategies can include how to identify potential threats, communication channels and protocol, as well as which stakeholders will be involved in the process.

Partner with an IT service provider

Expert support and guidance in cybersecurity can help reduce the risk of cyber threats. An IT provider can help implement and maintain policies and procedures that will strengthen your security and protect your business.

If the above steps seem a little too daunting to handle on your own, contact us today at 585-582-1600 so we can help secure your environment.

Material sourced from Powered Services Pro by Kaseya

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